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Pediatric Dental Services

In treating families, our Shawnee, OK dentist welcomes their youngest members for early and preventive dental care. With children’s dental services from Dr. Hopkins, kids can enjoy the benefits of dental visits alongside their family members as well as the development of healthy and strong smiles.

Why Take Children to the Dentist?

Like adult teeth, children’s primary teeth are susceptible to decay – even more so, since baby teeth are less mineralized, more porous, and children may not be as good at brushing their teeth as their parents and older siblings. All of this makes routine dental check-ups vital in preventing childhood tooth decay and ensuring that your children have all of the information they need to brush and floss thoroughly at home.

Dental visits for children are also essential in preventing anxiety over appointments as they get older. Children often learn fear of the dentist from parents who had bad experiences, but we make it our goal to ensure that your time, and your child’s time, at our office negates that anxiety. We want children to grow up knowing that the dentist is nothing to be afraid of, making future dental care a routine part of their lives.

Teeth Cleanings and Dental Prevention for Children

Dr. Hopkins has seen many children at his Shawnee dental practice and welcomes new patients and their families. It’s typically recommended that children see the dentist after their first tooth emerges, but this first appointment is simple and mostly involves familiarizing children with our office and letting young patients see what happens during a routine appointment.

We enjoy a reputation for successful children’s dental care and are able to provide the following for young smiles:

• Routine Exams and Cleanings
• Oral Health Education
• Brushing and Flossing Tips
• Sealants
• Fluoride Varnishes

Treatments like fluoride help to strengthen enamel and discourage the development of decay, as children are particularly interested in sweet or acidic foods that damage enamel. We can also provide a sealant over back teeth that prevents bacteria and debris from sticking in the fissures of teeth and creating cavities. With preventive dental care and dental health education, our young patients benefit from healthier smiles into future years.

Schedule your Child’s Next Dental Visit – Contact our Office!

We ensure that children are treated to the utmost in gentle dental care at our office. For more information on kids dental services in Shawnee, contact Dr. Eric Hopkins today!