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Payment & Insurance Policy

Payment Policy

Shawnee, OK - Dr. Hopkins

We require payment and insurance co-payment as services are rendered.  We accept: 

  • Cash or Money Order.
  • Personal Check or Debit Card
  • Credit Card - We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, & American Express.
  • Dr. Hopkins is a DHS SoonerCare provider for the State of Oklahoma. 
  • CareCredit -They offer up to 12 month interest-free payment plans. Extended financing is available with an interest rate based on length of financing. You can review or apply at
  • Your lending institution may be able to finance dental treatment.


We file insurance with literally hundreds of insurance companies. Please bring your insurance card with you on your first visit or anytime your coverage/policy changes.  We will work with you to help ensure that you receive the maximum benefits to which you are entitled, but we will not allow your policy limitations to dictate treatment. Insurance coverage is not and will never be a guideline for quality of care.  

We are happy to file your insurance claims as a courtesy.  Dental insurance is intended to cover some, but not all of the cost of your dental care. Most plans include a co-payment, deductibles, an annual maximum, and coverage limitations which must be paid by the patient.  We will calculate your ESTIMATED co-payment based on the information we receive in the verification process and expect that co-payment in full at the time of service.  Both our office and your insurance company work under the presumption you are knowledgeable of the specifics of your policy.  We highly advise you review your coverage with your Human Resources Benefit Coordinator, have a telephone conversation with your insurance's Customer Service Department, or consult your insurance company website in order to make confident & informed budgetary decisions in the process of your dental care.  

If you are not sure if your policy requires you see specific providers, call the Customer Service telephone number on the back of your insurance card in advance of your appointment.  Ask if Dr. Jon Eric Hopkins is a provider through whom you will be allowed to utilize your full benefit percentages.  If he is not, ask for a list of the contracted providers in your zip code area.  Also, request the difference in benefit percentages should you choose an out of network provider (often there is no difference in coverage).

We will assist in the event that clarification of treatment is requested by your insurance carrier, but any delay, rejection, non-payment or reduction of payment is ultimately your responsibility.  Any questions as to how or why your carrier paid or denied any dental procedure must be addressed directly to the insurance carrier who issued the policy and made the payment decision. 

 Please Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns!